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  1. Our understanding of customer service

  Facing the surging door industry market competition, Julinlong will promote service innovation, quality service to build corporate brand as the most important work of the enterprise. The door is a semi-finished product, it must undergo professional selection, design and installation. Julinlong always focus on service, the key is with the positioning of the product specialization, adhere to the service specialization, and tirelessly upgrade the franchise stores and professional service team service level. Highlight the "service" to "professional services" positioning to drive sales.

  2. Our customer service features

  Hand handshake commitment, heart attentive service, is Julinlong People's pursuit of customer service work. We will uphold the "smile a little, mouth sweet, move faster, do something steady, speak softly, one points of efficiency, a little bit of brain, a little more reason, a little bit more, the service concept, with our sincerity, in exchange for your reassurance; With our hundredfold efforts, you are very satisfied with the Julinlong.

  3. How do we do a good job in customer service?

  Julinlong people believe that: service is the market, service is benefit. From the beginning of working with you, is the whole Julinlong to provide you with the beginning of intimate service, whether pre-sale, sale or after-sale, Julinlong Professional customer service staff at any time waiting for your call, visit, all the questions you put forward a satisfactory response, for this, Julinlong request our customer service personnel must do.

  Less reason: Julinlong requires customer service staff to provide services to customers, as far as possible to meet customer needs, do a good job publicity, interpretation and remedial work. For the company to provide customers with improper service methods, poor service measures to bring inconvenience and loss to customers, should be timely to the customer a satisfactory answer, and can not put forward a variety of objective reasons for their own excuses.

  The big measure: The customer's temper is different, some once the individual demand is not satisfied, very easy to appear the radical words and deeds. Therefore, Julinlong request our customer service personnel must have the measure, resolute cannot and the customer "Sando Mamang", otherwise it is easy to escalate the contradiction, affects the company's overall service image.

  Sweet mouth: In the process of communication with customers, Julinlong asked the customer service staff can not be a high profile posture, but also prohibit the use of an arrogant tone and customer communication. Sweet voice, gentle tone can quickly shorten the distance between me, so as to resolve the customer's dissatisfaction.

  Temper small: The exchange, retail customers may have a lot of questions to the electric visitors consultation, at this time, customer service staff to do a good job explaining and propaganda to customers, do not play with customers, temper tantrums.

  Quick action: The customer pointed out the deficiencies of their own work, or customers need to solve the problem, ask the customer service staff to respond quickly, timely to the customer a satisfactory response. For some of the difficult problems you can not solve, to do a good job of feedback, and promised to give customers time to reply. The sooner it is resolved, the better.

  High efficiency: In the daily work, Hao Force requires customer service staff to continue to learn, humbly consult, proficiency in the operation of various processes, improve work efficiency. Especially in the order of the input process, not because of their business is not ripe, efficiency is not high and delay the customer's valuable time.

  Brain: Work, customer service staff will be the spirit of "All for the sake of customers" principle, multi-angle thinking problems. To the business is not too familiar customers, or in a special period, such as sales slack season, customer service personnel to use their own knowledge of marketing guidance customers to operate, to help them do off-season sales work.


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Add: No. 3 Baiyang Avenue, Baiyang Industrial Zone, Wuyi, Zhejiang, China

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