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  Main features of non-welded safety doors

  1. The door frame appearance adopts European-style large circular arc streamline modelling design; The cross section of the door frame adopts ladder-shaped stereoscopic large rack structure, elegant, generous, stable, and the mechanics structure is more reasonable.

  2. The door frame adopts the structure form of the sub-body interpolation. Free soldering, no welding scar, conform to the state of environmental and humane aspects of "green environmental protection" requirements.

  3. The door combination adopts the internal and external doors molding after the "pull riveting" combination process, free soldering, green environmental protection.

  4. The doors and the door frame surface use advanced pretreatment color Printing vacuum transfer process, color lifelike, gorgeous, do not leak printing. directly into sheet metal forming and assembly, breaking the door industry's traditional assembly of two times after "painting", "transfer" surface treatment process

  5. Doors and frames are used 1.0MM and 2.0MM cold-rolled steel plates respectively, the door body adopts the overall reinforcement skeleton structure, the edge lock adopts a molding to strengthen the whole lock box, effectively improves the anti-skid function of Bian Suo Department, comprehensively enhances the security door anti-theft performance.

  6. The rotating joints between the doors and the door frames choose the clear and dark two hinge forms, the two hinges and the frame body and the doors and leaves connection fixed mode are "straight-link". Especially with the box body joints, breaking through the traditional form of welding, safer, more green.

  7. Lock fittings Selection, the use of domestic well-known brands of manufacturers produced "Hook lock" and ultra B-level copper lock core, with ultra strong anti-skid and anti-technology open function. Installation Board Special "tailor-made", "arc Anti-counterfeit", after assembling the overall effect of the appearance of harmony and nature.

  8. The internal use of the current aerospace industry is generally used in the "aluminum honeycomb core" material to fill. Has the advantages of wind pressure, sound insulation, heat insulation, strong strength, high stiffness, light weight, surface leveling, etc.

  9. Door Mirror adopts high-quality HD wide-angle "Copper door mirror".

  10. Sealing mode is "double seal", sealing strip adopts the advanced and fashionable new material of domestic and international, which is the self adhesive "PU" adhesive strip, with good sound insulation, heat insulation, fireproof (wind), moisture-proof, weatherability and so on.

  11. Box in the body of stainless steel materials processing molding, 100 percent "real work". Plug-in connection, surface embossing logo exquisite Anti-false seal.

  12. The whole style of door body is novel and unique, fashionable, elegant and generous, with certain artistic decoration effect.


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Add: No. 3 Baiyang Avenue, Baiyang Industrial Zone, Wuyi, Zhejiang, China

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