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Talking about the function and decoration effect of the door
Date:2017/5/16 Publisher:hx Hits:784

  The function of the door is the most practical and fundamental problem. Commonly referred to the use of features include: door opening performance, door insulation performance, door noise performance, door fire performance, door anti-theft performance, external door wind pressure deformation performance, external door air permeability and rainwater leakage performance, the overall strength of the door. These are the most important issues we consider in our design.

  At design time, the use function of non-standard doors should be determined for different use sites and parts of non-standard doors. Then, these functions are embodied in the design process. In order to achieve these functions, the selection and process are usually considered.

  In the material selection, it is usually chosen to destroy the raw material with high strength, and the raw material of the structure is loose, heat preservation, sound insulation effect is better. Select non-flammable or flame retardant treated raw materials, etc.

  From the craft, consider the node that facilitates the realization of the above function. such as: In the door frames and doors, doors and doors of the junction encrypted seals; door frames and doors, doors and doors of the junction to ensure appropriate gaps and other suitable structures.

  Decorative Effect of doors

  The arrival of the technology era, so that non-standard doors in the modern process of finishing the packaging of more elegant quality, so that consumers have a taste of the new life in advance of feelings. Open the door, you really enter your own carefully crafted, casual and asked the world. Away from the uproar, so, all sorts of troubles will be wiped out, different non-standard doors to create a pattern and style to rich taste, non-standard doors in the wood smell filled with relaxed comfort and atmosphere. therefore。 People pay more and more attention to the decorative effect of doors. This requirement in the design, the first choice of the door to shape, or European-style carved, or combination, or the ancient rhyme still exist, or concise crisp, the different bedroom mood.

  Second, choose the suitable doors, door frames external materials. The originality of the design, so that every detail can chew out a rich cultural charm. Then, choose to match the quality of the door hardware, make the metal play the role of finishing touches, the indoor environment to deduce vivid and cordial.

  Choose the different thickness of the doors, embody or deep dignified or relaxed and crisp feeling, so that non-standard doors are no longer just for people to shelter from the rain, divide the space of a functional facility, is the traditional culture and modern technology combination of the product, not only "Schilland" the first threshold, but also to the hearts of people deep into a "heart door."

  Different kinds of paint and color, such as: boiled oil, mixing oils; brightness, matte, all dumb, half-dumb, seven-minute dumb, and so on, also highlight different styles. To make non-standard doors this product is no longer in a simple sense, for people to switch to use products, is a handicraft, an aesthetic point of view, a carrier of fraternity, a symbol of freedom, an ideal lifestyle and life realm, carrying the host's culture, convey the owner's information and values.


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Add: No. 3 Baiyang Avenue, Baiyang Industrial Zone, Wuyi, Zhejiang, China

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