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To do a good job in the doors and windows industry, service is the point
Date:2017/5/17 Publisher:hx Hits:799

  In the doors and windows industry practitioners for more than 10 years, the author's feelings are: windows and doors industry, although a low threshold industry, but as a custom-made service industry, its demand for services is very high. For enterprises, only strong can do bigger. To be bigger and stronger, brand operation and management are essential. Who can stand the high point of the brand, good service This trump card, who can gain profits, can win the brand's visibility and value-added.

  Personalized after-sales Service

  As the saying goes: "Business is good, the façade is difficult to repair." "The meaning of a business word of mouth is the importance of the word." Where does the custom industry come from? That is embodied in the service. The service is divided into active service and passive service, the flexibility of active service is relatively large, it can be implemented by the operator to choose the right time and place. Passive service is more rigid, the urban work family time concept is very strong, both to achieve the service and time to balance customer timing. Doors and windows This line is a lot of time by returning customers to bring orders, so after-sales service by the boss himself in general Command, management and arrangements more appropriate.

  Professional service Skills

  Decoration is also a knowledge. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, consumer demand for the operator is increasingly high, in the purchase, measurement, installation to after-sales service in a series of links, consumers require the operator to have expert level of service. At the same time, we must understand the performance of their products, selling points and skilled grasp of the industry knowledge and experience, really let consumers feel that our service every link is a technical content, are professional level.

  Market promotion to local conditions

  Marketing is an important means to promote brand image. The form of market promotion is varied, the development of distribution, community promotion, heterogeneous Alliance, Group buy, advertising and other industries are commonly used promotional forms. But these methods are not applicable everywhere, because of the land, people, because of the industry and different, to combine industry characteristics to invest. It's unrealistic to invest a lot of ads in the smaller industry.

  Therefore, the limited resources must be used to maximize the effectiveness. In the larger cities, our approach should be: more open shops (where the conditions of their own shops, where there is no conditions for the development of distribution network), group Group buy, the alliance of different industries. Smaller cities are easy to publicize the radiation, it is advisable to open large stores, upgrading the image and service functions, increase the efforts of the community to promote.


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