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What's the difference between security doors and anti-theft door?
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  Anti-Theft door is all called "anti-theft security Doors." As the name implies, it should have anti-theft and security performance. What is the security door? In fact, we see the airport or subway ticket, such as the security door, but now that the security door has been extended to office, stadium and Home building, security doors and anti-theft door, where the difference?

  Below we can learn through the application and classification of safety doors.

  1. Application of Safety Door

  Security doors can also be called swing gates, rotating doors, it is no longer confined to the use of airports and Metro entrance, but more use in high-end office buildings, libraries, exhibition centers, tourist attractions, theaters and other places. The safety door is practicality and convenience, safety and aesthetics, and can be used in the installation of each channel.

  2. Classification of Safety Doors

  At present, the security doors can be classified according to the functions and applications: Telescopic speed gate, swing gate, barrier-free optical door, three-roller gates, vertical three-roller gates, all high rotating doors, casement door.

  3, security doors and anti-theft door differences

  The distinction between security doors and anti-theft door is mainly embodied in the relevant national standards, for some people think security doors are anti-theft door that is the surface understanding.

  Anti-Theft door: anti-theft door According to the relevant national standards, its safety level can be classified into "a", "B", "C", "Ding" 4 level, and the highest grade, the latter is declining. Anti-Theft door has a fixed surface marking, mainly embodied in the anti-theft door code, anti-theft door level and enterprise custom characteristics.

  Security door: Security door, it is no national standard, it is customized according to the user's requirements, what kind of door to buy what kind of doors, in quality price, style, styles are more casual.

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