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How to choose the right splicing door
Date:2017/5/19 Publisher:环讯传媒 Hits:868

  How to select the right splicing door, the market name of a wide range of products, resulting in a number of genuine, consumers should pay attention to the following points:

  1, Surface perception: Quality of the façade material wood grain clear texture, bright and clean engaging, strong scratch resistance. On the other hand is ambiguous, matte, scratch resistance, consumers can wipe the surface with wet towel to see whether will fade, paint, defective.

  2, Door splicing technology: high-quality door surface stitching in place, the gap evenly, the whole has a strong sense of hierarchy, the other hand, the gap is large, uneven, no sense of hierarchy.

  3, door cover line [3]: Solid wood profiled door cover line is the most high-end door cover line, its characteristics are the door cover line, door cover, the façade using the same material, colorless poor, seamless, strong and durable and so on. (PVC) Sealing side of the second side of the line, imitation wood-plastic transfer door cover line and the next, plastic-steel paint door cover line again, PVC-coated plastic door cover line again.

  4, Door cover: The use of solid wood finger-double door sleeve is superior to the multiple-layer artificial board door.

  5. Detail components: good material, thick and full seal is the guarantee of indoor door sealing sound insulation, but also has a longer service life, rough work of small workshop products do not!

  6, after watching these standards, consumers can according to their own ability to bear with dealers to talk about prices, the price is generally about 500-2000.

  Zhejiang Julinlong Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is a professional commitment to a new design, the next generation of high-grade mosaic anti-theft, fire, insulation, sound insulation, such as many can work "Julinlong" advanced mosaic anti-theft Security door research and development, manufacturing, sales, service as one of the scale of the modern enterprise.

  Julinlong relies on the development of science and technology, with the unique understanding of all kinds of door products, the essence of poly door, and strive to build high-end brand products. Julinlong Strong technical force, advanced equipment, the heart to do the door, do a good job from raw materials to product manufacturing, the whole process strictly in accordance with the national standards layer, the products are all galvanized plate, imported paint painting, vivid color, three-dimensional super strong, favored by the vast number of consumers.


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