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Security doors ushered in the green Spring, to create green industry
Date:2017/3/6 Publisher:hx Hits:977

  Anti-Theft door industry ushered in a new green revolution. After replacing the traditional phosphating process with the technology of the day ethyl film forming, the original more than 10 multiple pools of oil, rust, phosphating, table adjustment and so on, now only in a processing pool to complete, and no longer discharge of sewage.

  New technology achieves zero emission

  Using the day ethyl film-forming agent and its technology, production is very simple, degreasing, derusting, film-forming, passivation process in a processing pool synchronized, the whole process takes only 5-10 minutes. After the workpiece pool only drain, without washing, drying can enter the next production process. Therefore, in addition to oil, rust, phosphating, table adjustment of the four new technology no longer to discharge sewage.

  The traditional phosphating process is first washed, washing, degreasing, washed, neutral, washed, and then adjusted, phosphating, washed, finally passivation, drying curing, each process is repeatedly washed, to emit a large number of sewage treatment liquid, the process is more than a long, the whole course of 25-30 minutes, more than a new process 20 minutes.

  Cost less than 0.5 yuan

  The traditional phosphorus use medium temperature operation, need to be equipped with boiler production steam heating, the average per tang standard door coal consumption of 0.7 kilograms, combustion caused by sulfur dioxide emissions. The new process is used to save water and coal consumption and reduce gas pollution. The direct cost of traditional phosphorus is 3.27 yuan per tang, and the direct cost of the application of the film technology is 2.48 yuan, and each tang cost is reduced by 0.79 yuan.

  In addition, if the traditional phosphating process is used, the investment costs of wastewater treatment facilities, the daily operating costs of wastewater treatment and sewage charges are also increased. Only waste water treatment facilities invest more than 100,000 yuan. After choosing the new technology, all these costs are eliminated.

  EPA: To promote the city

  City Environmental Protection Bureau deputy Director Jin Mingliang said that the new technology of the film is currently in my city hundred good music, step Yang, new and many other enterprises to try to succeed in the Environmental Protection Bureau of Jinhua Accreditation, ready to promote the security door in the whole city enterprise.

  Business owners: the effect of eliminating rust needs to be improved

  The new process is both environmentally friendly and cost saving, then, the effect of the treatment is not good? A business owner told reporters: "Removal of oil, decontamination effect is ideal, but the effect of eliminating rust is far less than phosphating treatment thoroughly." So, after I tried it, I felt no, and I switched to the traditional phosphating process. ”

  The company said that the new process to promote, rust-dispelling defects to be overcome, the treatment measures need to be further improved.


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