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Seven aspects to be noticed in selecting anti-theft doors
Date:2017/4/3 Publisher:hx Hits:731

  Purchase can be based on personal preferences and economic conditions to determine. Specific consumers in the purchase of anti-theft door should pay attention to the following points:

  (1) Consumers should be based on the door size, open direction, color patterns and other practical requirements to choose the right anti-theft security doors.

  (2) The anti-destructive function is the anti-theft security door the most important function, in the purchase can request the seller to show the relevant departments of inspection and qualification certificate, product quality should conform to the national standard GB17565-2007 "anti-theft security door general technical requirements".

  (3) Qualified anti-theft door frame steel plate thickness should be above 2mm, the door body thickness generally above 20mm, should inspect the door body weight, generally above 40kg, and can be removed by the cat's eye, door bell box or lock handle to inspect the internal structure of the doors, the door body thickness should be more than 1.0mm, there are several reinforcement of steel, so that the door front and rear panels are organically connected together, enhance the overall strength of the door, the best asbestos and other fire, insulation, Soundproof material as filler, tapping the door with hand to emit "beating" the sound, consumers with hands to open and close doors should be flexible.

  (4) Inspection Process quality: Special attention should be paid to check for welding defects such as open welding, non-welding, leakage welding, etc. Whether the co-ordination between the watchdog and the door frames is dense, and the clearance is uniformly uniform. Open whether flexible, all joints are dense, the surface of the door should be anti-corrosion treatment, the general should be spray paint and spray, paint surface should be no bubble, uniform color, most doors are also embedded in the door frame rubber seal, closing doors will not emit harsh metal collision.

  (5) Lock inspection: Qualified anti-theft doors generally adopted by the Public Security Department to detect qualified anti-theft lock, at the same time, in the lock with the thickness of more than 3.0mm of steel plate to protect. Anti-Theft Lock is a number of special locks are multi-directional, its advantages are not only lock locks, the upper and lower rails can be inserted locking, to be fixed to the door. Greatly increased the door's skid-proof performance. The state Ministry of Public Security issued "GA/T73-94 Machinery anti-theft locks" explicitly stipulated that the mechanical thieves anti-theft door locks are divided into general protection level and advanced level, to a and B-level. A-level lock is a destructive opening time of no less than 15 minutes. Non-technical opening time is not less than 1 minutes of locks, B-level locks are non-destructive opening time not less than 30 minutes, the technical opening time is not less than 5 minutes (prevention technology to open is the resistance of the locking of professional technicians using special tools to open the ability of the operation of the lock). And in the same situation, the security of B-level anti-theft locks can be 5 times times the level a lock.

  (6) Brand Assurance: Brand is the product quality and service logo. Brand mainly refers to product brand and dealer brand, in the market to buy anti-theft door, the best to the formal large-scale home building materials City purchase. Purchase should also pay attention to anti-theft door "fam" logo, enterprise name, implementation standards, such as content, meet the standard door can be safe and reliable.

  (7) After the installation of Anti-Theft door, the user first to check the key, insurance policy, invoices and after-sales service, such as accessories and information and anti-theft door manufacturers to provide the fittings and information is consistent, must not appear the situation of the key. With the key to open the door is installed in the lock, the lock core should be relaxed and flexible, no card lag phenomenon; the door should be flexible, no card blocking, abnormal sound and so on during the opening 90 degrees.

  Xin Bai Lee safety Door reminder: Consumers in the purchase of anti-theft door, should be more familiar with the choice of strength, product quality and excellent well-known brands, and view the operator to provide product inspection report; The order must be marked on the invoice "anti-theft (security) door", in case of counterfeiting; when installing, check the appearance of the anti-theft door carefully, tear off the protective film when necessary, and ask for the warranty card, invoice and other documents so that the problem can be promptly protected. The relevant administrative law enforcement departments should also intensify the supervision, and strive to curb shoddy anti-theft doors from the source market. Vigorously publicize and implement new security door safety standards, improve the quality of after-sales service enterprises, and consumers a harmonious, safe, assured consumption environment.


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