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The top ten methods of maintaining security doors-Julinlong sharing
Date:2017/5/12 Publisher:hx Hits:693

  With the development of the Times, the family now generally installed security doors, but some people may not have a good protection door in daily life. Usually do not add maintenance, or open the door improperly, violent collision doors and so on this cause the door damage. So the right to use the security door to make it lasting "young".

  Security doors generally use more than one years like contact point, key holes will be a bit rusty possible, can be related to the point of contact with some lubricants, but the lock hole can not be coated oil. Installation of anti-theft door one months, the protective film to tear off, otherwise in the sunlight irradiation will cause damage paint phenomenon. Security door maintenance And what are the precautions? Yu Lin Long to answer for you!

  1, switching doors as light as possible to push pull, long-time violent impact will make anti-theft door parts loose, reduce service life.

  2, often use a soft cloth to wipe the façade, keep the façade clean, can prevent corrosive material erosion, while increasing the anti-theft door to the fineness.

  3, periodically in the door hinge, lock oblique tongue, latch and other mechanical rotating parts of a little lubrication grease, keep lubrication, keep doors and locks flexible and open.

  4, Anti-Theft door lock keyhole do not insert debris or inject oil, lest the gambling plug, the lock is not flexible when the use of a little pencil powder lubrication (not more), the degree of flexibility to the locking effect on the open to seek professional help.

  5, doorbell and alarm batteries should be periodically replaced, more than half a year, should be taken out of the batteries, lest the battery leakage impact the doorbell and alarm.

  6, the door frame installation of the expansion bolts and walls, the fastening of the door frames should be periodically inspected to avoid security risks.

  7, anti-theft door should prevent all kinds of hard or sharp weapon scratches, clear for anti-theft door stains with clear water or related detergent cleaning, drying.

  8, in peacetime, attention to lock points, etc. on the opening of the oil in time to maintain the maintenance.

  9, the lock plate and handle on the screws should be regular reinforcement, but must not be locked down. The consumer is not a professional, the lock is removed after the installation of the seams, deviations or parts of the poor collaboration, which can directly lead to anti-theft door locks and other problems. The door body hinges on the screws to be reinforced every three months, to prevent the screw loose, causing the door body sagging, and the door to the doors to open the doors to form difficult. In addition, the locking plate and handle on the screws should be regular reinforcement, but must not be locked down.

  10, lock Core: To periodically add the end of the pencil smooth, so that the key plug more smoothly, but can not use grease smooth. If in the lock hole drops into grease, it will be mixed with the key in the lock core friction produced iron filings, not one months the entire lock core will be blocked.

  Only the door is maintained, it can give home a safer protection! So we must pay attention to the correct use of anti-theft doors.


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